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Doing your part

Doing your part

For more than 121 years, SC Johnson has demonstrated our commitment to doing what's right. We're going to keep doing what's right and we hope you will as well.

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Community & Environment

It's nice to live next door to a family that cares about its neighbours, and we are committed to being a good neighbour wherever we do business. In the past ten years, SC Johnson companies have invested over $140,000,000* and countless volunteer hours in programs that are contributing to the community well-being with examples from around the world.

SC Johnson is dedicated to sustaining and protecting the environment. Our vision is to be a world leader in delivering innovative solutions to meet human needs through sustainability principles. Specific, measurable goals to reduce pollution and waste in our products and processes have been part of more than a decade of continuous progress toward sustainability.

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*Based on SCJ US figures & current exchange rates.

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