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Conserving Critical Resources
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What’s the inspiration behind the Greenlist™?


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Doing your part

Doing your part

For more than 121 years, SC Johnson has demonstrated our commitment to doing what's right. We're going to keep doing what's right and we hope you will as well.

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Conserving Critical Resources

Conserving resources isn't just a matter for business and environmentalists — it's about all of us. Whether you're a parent, a teenager, a grandparent, an on-the-go professional, student or retiree...the limited resources of our planet are precious to all of us.

Many experts believe that global warming has the potential to cause catastrophic events, from heat waves, and severe weather to rising sea levels. SC Johnson is working to help protect our planet. And all of us can make a difference in our own lives.

Whether producing Pledge® Furniture Polishes or reducing our environmental footprint, SC Johnson is committed to putting the environment first. And Planet Earth needs your help, too.