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Doing your part

Doing your part

For more than 121 years, SC Johnson has demonstrated our commitment to doing what's right. We're going to keep doing what's right and we hope you will as well.

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When you reach for a household product, you want to know that it's as responsible as possible for your family and the environment.
So do we. That's why SC Johnson developed the Greenlist™ process — to help our scientists make choices that protect the planet and its people while maintaining the high performance of our products.

The Greenlist™ process provides ratings for more than 95 percent of the raw materials we use, including solvents, propellants, insecticides, packaging and more. Read more on the Greenlist™ process in our Greenlist™ Fact Sheet. Through the Greenlist™ process, each raw material receives a rating from 3 to 0, which helps us go beyond regulatory requirements to continually make our products better. An ingredient with a 3 rating is considered “Best,” 2 is “Better,” 1 is “Acceptable” and 0-rated materials are used only on a limited, approved basis when there is not a viable alternative.

While some raw materials with a 0 score are not restricted by government regulatory requirements, over the years SC Johnson has decided to limit their use. Instead, we have chosen to work toward replacing these 0-rated materials with those that are more biodegradable and have a better environmental or health profile.

As we develop a new product or make improvements to an existing one, we evaluate the ratings of each raw material and aim for the best possible choices.

We've set strict objectives for the continuing improvement of the company's overall Greenlist™ score, too — in fact, doing so is one of our top corporate objectives. As a result, SC Johnson has phased out certain raw materials and continues to use more materials that are even better. In fact, the Greenlist™ process has helped SC Johnson achieve a 400 percent increase in the percentage of our raw materials that are “Best” rated.

So next time you reach for Windex® glass cleaner, Pledge® furniture polish, or any SC Johnson product, you'll know you're getting not only the performance you trust and expect, but also making an environmentally responsible choice.

We've studied it

Since developing the Greenlist™ process back in 2001, we have increased the amount and type of raw materials we track, to nearly 970 million kilograms. The Greenlist™ process provides ratings for more than 95 percent of the raw materials in our products, from Scrubbing Bubbles® cleaners, to Glade® fragrances, to Ziploc® Brand bags and containers. Among the ingredient categories we've rated are:

  • chelants (bonding agents)
  • colorants
  • dyes
  • fragrances
  • inorganic acids and bases
  • insecticides
  • non-woven fabrics
  • packaging
  • propellants
  • preservatives
  • resins
  • solvents
  • surfactants (substances that increase solubility)
  • thickeners
  • waxes

Company scientists are working on additional categories as well. Each category of raw materials is judged based on four to seven key criteria such as biodegradability and toxicity. The Greenlist™ process scores also take into account whether suppliers demonstrate high environmental performance, such as receiving ISO 14001 certification.