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What’s the inspiration behind the Greenlist™?


Find out.

Doing your part

Doing your part

For more than 121 years, SC Johnson has demonstrated our commitment to doing what's right. We're going to keep doing what's right and we hope you will as well.

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Growing Greener Products

When you pick up any SC Johnson product, whether Windex® glass cleaner or Scrubbing Bubbles® bathroom cleaner, you can trust that the raw materials have been evaluated for health, safety and environmental impact through our Greenlist™ process.

Every one of us is affected by the things around us.

The food we eat, the clothing we wear, the products we use in our homes and the spaces we live in — all use a wide range of raw materials. We count on the producers of these products to spend the time and resources needed to ensure they're responsible.

At SC Johnson, we take this responsibility very seriously. We understand, and agree, that certain chemicals have substitutes that are better choices for the environment and our consumers. That's why we encourage all who use our products to understand them, and also understand the lengths to which we go to improve the raw material choices in our products.